Tilt.  Jump.  Don't hit your head.
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What is it?

PogoChamp is a hilarious 3D platformer inspired by I Am Bread and Getting Over It, but with a deliberate focus on being "Fun, Not Frustrating". Where most QWOP-like games involve complex & unintuitive control schemes with lots of buttons, PogoChamp's controls are easy to understand (though still tricky to master).

Left stick = Tilt, A = Jump, that's it.

Over 100 Levels!

PogoChamp has over 100 levels that are designed to teach and challenge you, without being antagonistic or frustrating. The levels are unique, funny and surprising in their own right, and feature things like Pachinko, A Bullfight, Skee-Ball, Giant Mini Golf, A giant video game console, A Piano and more!

  • Unique, easy-to-understand, but tricky to master controls.
  • Fluid, momentum-based movement (once you get the hang of it).
  • Over 100 levels that constantly remix and iterate on the mechanics.
  • Whacky power-ups that change how you play the game but still maintain the essential controls like: Fish Hat, Hamster Ball, Jetpack, Football, and Bazooka.
  • A dedicated self-destruct button!
  • Fully featured In-game Replay System that will show all of your attempts at once.
  • Steam Leaderboards for every level. Leaderboard entries include replays so you can learn from the best!
  • Multiple challenge target times for each level.
  • 40 Achievements.
  • 3 Different game modes: Standard, Survival, and Daily Challenge.
  • Support for Keyboard & Mouse, Xbox, Playstation, Switch Pro, and generic gamepad controllers.
  • Lots of puns!
  • No dialog!
  • Secret completionist objectives.
  • A deliberate focus on being more fun than frustrating.
I Want It!

Available now on Steam!

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